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Academic courses and training


1. Masters degree (MD)

The department has a well established and certified Master degree course in Anaesthesiology. Selection for this course is made twice a year i.e. in January and July. The selection is based on an all-India entrance examination. No diploma course is available for this specialty. Presently over 100 students are pursuing their MD in this department. Apart from regular seats there are sponsored candidates from states and services and reserved seats for international students. All post graduates are rotated in all surgical specialties, intensive care and clinics. The department has fixed guidelines for anesthetic procedures to be undertaken and the curriculum planning for the junior residents. Every student needs to do a dissertation project under an allotted guide from the Faculty. The dissertation protocol is submitted at 12 months and the final dissertation at 30 months post-enrolment. Acceptance of dissertation is mandatory for awarding the degree.

The Department also conducts regular theory and viva- voce examinations every 6 months for its trainees in March/ Sept every year. As a premier Institute in the country the students are the brand ambassadors and their academic proficiency helps the Instituteto maintain its standards.

     1) Regular seats- average 30 per year

     2) Sponsored seats : 2

     3) International seats : 2


2. Doctorate in Medicine (DM)

The department provides DM courses in Cardiac Anaesthesia and Neuro-Anaesthesia.


DM Cardiac Anaesthesia

 The department has a recognized DM course in Cardio-thoracic anesthesia from 2011. Every year aspiring students get enrolled through all India entrance examination. The institute is one of the leading teaching centre for cardiothoracic anesthesia training in the country. Complex and high risk surgery including all types of complex congenital cardiac surgery is undertaken daily in the 4 dedicated operating theatres, providing training opportunities for the DM students. This is the second largest public sector pediatric cardiac care program of India. There is also a program of challenging cardiology catheter lab procedures including electrophysiology, device implantation and transcatheter aortic repairs.  The intensive care unit admits elective and emergency cardiac surgical patients. Institute’s emphasis is on clinical excellence and high quality patient-centered care.

Echocardiography is now an essential skill for anaesthesia and critical care and there is periodic courses to provide a comprehensive clinical service and training opportunities. There are a number of training programs and courses both in the operating rooms and the intensive care unit. Perioperative echocardiography program of ACC is unique in which  DM fellow spend 6 months out of 3 years training doing periopeartive echo both transthoracic (TTE) as well as transesophageal  (TEE) dedicatedly for confirming preop diagnosis, detecting intraop residual defects and post op for haemodynamic management.

    1) Regular seats : 8

    2) Sponsored seats : 3


DM Neuroanaesthesia

The department started DM courses in neuoranaesthesia from 2013. Every year DM students are selected through all India entrance examination. The institute has a recognized trauma center where students are exposed to trauma neurosurgical patients. Besides elective and trauma neurosurgical operated patients, the DM course includes services to round the clock DSA suite in which endovascular procedures are done. The institute is one of the biggest centers where majority of aneurysmal surgeries are done. There are 8 dedicated operation theatres including trauma and DSA suite. The institute also provides neuroanaesthesia critical care service through 2 dedicated intensive care units.

    1) Regular seats : 12

    2) Sponsored : 3


3. PhD courses

Candidates are also enrolled for PhD program in cardiac anaesthesia and neuroanaesthesia every year. Five Ph.D. students are enrolled under the Department of Anaesthesia for various projects.


4. Fellowship

Starting 2016, fellowship program in Paediatric anaesthesia has commenced from August 2016.

    Open  seats : 1

    Sponsored : 1


5.  Senior resident

The Department has a dedicated program for postgraduates to do senior residency in Anaesthesia. Senior residents are rotated in all specialties. They take part in all academic and research activities.

       1) No of senior residents : 35

There is a separate non DM senior residency program for cardiac anaesthesia

       1) No of seats : 4

 All residents take part in the didactic teaching activities regularly. The activities are for all working days in a week, which includes seminars, journal clubs, case discussion, tutorials etc. This is in addition to daily teaching activity based on the cases conducted in the operation theatres & Intensive Care Unit.